Instagram, as a Facebook product, is one specific platform where people can meet other people, the only difference being it deals with images more than it does with words. As the user base has been on a continuous rise, the demand for a desktop application for Windows has become a popular request. While it might not be exactly what many hoped for, Instagram can now be installed as a desktop app from Microsoft Store.

More of a shell and not a full-fledged app

If you were expecting an independently-developed application with a unique interface or structure, you're about to be disappointed. Why? The application is more of a shell for the online service. Still, there are many advantages to using the desktop application in this form, mainly having to deal with browser space gain or ease of access. The application works well and can also be molded to fit in any corner of your desktop. The advantage here is the content displayed will also be resized to fit the space of your adjusted window.